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Is Oil Based Cleaner Necessary?

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Cleaning with oil is one of the ancient care rituals of ancient times. The purpose of this application, which works with the logic of similar solvents, is to purify the oil-soluble dirt on the skin and to provide deep cleaning.

Why is cleansing the skin so important?

Dirt, sebum, dust, make-up and sweat residues accumulate on the skin of all of us, even though we do not see it with our eyes during the day. Increasing air pollution and city life have unfortunately caused this exposure to increase. When the skin is not cleaned effectively, various skin problems begin to emerge. Pores filled with dirt bring along many problems such as blackheads, comedones and acne. Therefore, effective and regular cleaning becomes a must for a healthy and purified skin.

So, is water-based cleaner not enough?

To summarize briefly, one-step cleaning with water-based products is not enough because the dirt that accumulates on our skin and fills the pores cannot be effectively removed. There are also cleaning agents in water-based products, but these are useful for surface cleaning. It is only possible for the remaining dirt to come to the surface with an oil-based product.

Pore ​​and dirt

Cleaning oils are also very useful for the purification of the products we use. For example, let's take sunscreens, which have an important place in our lives. Almost all sunscreens contain highly oil-based ingredients and some contain oil-soluble filters. Let's remember the rule "like dissolves like", that is, fat dissolves in oil. Therefore, if we do not use an oil-based cleansing product, we cannot completely remove the sunscreen from our skin. The same goes for make-up products.

Which cleansing oil?

There are 3 different product types under the name of cleaning oil.

" Oil-free" cleansing oils: Although these are called cleansing oils, they are not a true oil-based cleanser. The product should not contain high amounts of water or water-soluble substances. Such products cannot fully have the benefits we mentioned above.

Oil-only cleaners: When we look at the ingredient list, these products, which we see as a mixture of various oils, can be used for double-stage cleaning. Since it does not have the feature of rinsing the skin, it is necessary to wet the face with a damp towel a few times and wipe it from the skin, and then wash the face again with a water-based cleanser to remove the residues.

Rinseable cleansing oils: In addition to the natural oils it contains, it contains surfactants that transform the oils into a milky consistency when they meet with water and purify them from the skin. It can be used alone or can be preferred as the first stage of double-stage cleaning.

What are the advantages of oil-based cleaners?

In addition to its cleansing function, it also has many benefits for the skin. To summarize briefly;

  1. Cleansing: Oil-based cleansing is a natural way to deeply cleanse the skin of dirt and debris. It provides quick and easy removal of make-up and sunscreen that is not absorbed from the skin.
  2. Moisturizing: Since they do not have a high pH like some soaps and cleaning products, they clean the skin without disturbing the moisture balance and without drying it. It leaves behind a soft, moist skin.
  3. Sebum balancing: Removes excess oil and dirt from the skin and pores. It helps to balance the sebum secretion in the skin over time.
  4. Pore ​​tightening: In order for the pores to look tight, they must first be clean. Clogged and filled pores appear large when viewed from the outside. Cleaning oil is much more effective at cleaning pores than water-based cleaners.
  5. Skin repair A cleansing oil containing quality and natural cold-pressed oils nourishes and revitalizes the skin. It helps your skin become supple, soft and smooth.
  6. Easy Cleansing: Thanks to the surfactants in a good cleansing oil, it is easily washed off with water and does not leave a greasy feeling. It does this in a balanced way without drying the skin.

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